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Menominee Remembered 2004
“Menominee Remembered” honors
Northernaires Drum and Bugle Corps

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Another chapter in the long history of Menominee Schools has come to an end this year. This is the last of 35 years of the Menominee Middle School. Due to realignment, the Middle School building will house upper elementary students, and 7th and 8th graders will attend classes at the high school.

The eighth grade students have taken this opportunity to feature the history of the Menominee Middle School through the eyes of many of the teachers who have taught there. They also have written stories to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Northernaires Drum and Bugle Corps. Other stories chronicle the lives of many other citizens who have been a part of our community.

It was very exciting and satisfying to watch the students spend countless hours on their stories and come to an understanding that now they are a part of history with the publication of the 2004 edition, the last one to be published from this building.

I am proud to be a part of this historic publication. Congratulations to all the eighth graders for their hard work and history-preserving publication!

Those Northernaires alumni who appear in this 2004 edition are:
Bill King ('53 - '68)
Mike Pichette ('53 - '58)
Gladys Hultgren
Dean Hoffman ('62 - '68)
Bob Tordeur ('58 - ?)
Jerry Whitton ('67 - '70)
Tom Ennis ('55 - '66)
Lloyd Pesola ('57 - '63)
Mike Kushman ('68 - '72)
Jeff Seymour ('68 -'70)
Paul Stello ('65 - '71)
Calvin Fernstrum ('67 - '70)
Jack Fisher ('62 - '69)
Bill Evans
David Frisque ('57 - '60)
David Hultgren ('62 - '68)
Jay D'Auria ('98')
Donna Stage ('70 - '72)