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Northernaires history after 1973

Thanks to Chris Wellner for capturing this history.

The Northernaires went inactive in 1974 and 1975 and was later renamed the Shoreliners All-Girl Drum & Bugle Corps in 1976 after a merger with the Patriots Drill Team from Marinette, WI. The new corps performed mainly in parades. In 1977, The Shoreliners allowed boys back in and appeared on the field in exhibition for the local "Drums In The North" contest held in Marinette, Wisconsin. The Shoreliners also appeared in many judged parades and exhibitions and appeared at the 1977 Michigan American Legion Championship in Lansing, Michigan. Also in 1977, the Shoreliners sponsored a competitive winter color guard which appeared in many WGI and Midwest Color Guard shows throughout the Midwest.

In 1978 the corps changed its name back to the Northernaires and performed mainly in parades. In 1980, a small group of Northernaires alumni performed as a color guard in local parades. In 1983 the Northernaires performed at many judged parades and also appeared in an exhibition in a contest held in Iron Mountain, Michigan. The corps fielded about 60 members. The 1983 corps also sponsored a competitive winter color guard in the WGI and Midwest Color Guard circuits.

In 1984, the Northernaires merged with the Royal Knights Drum & Bugle Corps from Manitowoc, Wisconsin to get back on the field in competition and appeared in several DCM and DCI contests throughout the Midwest. The corps gained several 2nd and 3rd places or less in 15 contests and placed 18th in the 1984 Drum Corps Midwest Championship held in DeKalb, Illinois.

In 1985, the Northernaires joined the Drum Corps Midwest (DCM) circuit and developed a field show to attempt to go back on the field as the Northernaires. But due to inconsistent practice attendances, the corps was unable to do so and opted to perform in parades only.

After the 1985 season, the corps organized as an alumni group and performed an exhibition for the 1986 & 1987 "Drums In The North" contests in Menominee, Michigan. The Northernaires went inactive again from 1988 to 1992 and later reappeared in winter color guard competitions in the WGI and Michigan Color Guard circuits from 1993 to 2001.

In 1992 several Northernaires alumni decided to get a group together and march in the Menominee, Michigan, Waterfront Festival parade. Since then the group has added performing a standstill in the festival area after the parade and also invited several local senior and alumni corps like the Ishpeming Blue Notes, Ontonagon Mountaineers, and Bessemer's Marty's Goldenaires to join them.

In 1999 the Northernaires organized a senior corps with the intent of joining DCA & DCM to become a competitive field corps again. After one year of marching parades, the senior corps concept fell through although the alumni corps has maintained success.

The Northernaires continue to sponsor an alumni corps and perform at the annual Waterfront Festival parade and concert in Menominee, Michigan. The annual festival is looked forward to by many as a reunion to be with many friends and relatives and to be able to perform again in front of thousands.

The Northernaires is under the umbrella of the Northernaires Music and Marching Groups, Inc, a non-profit 501(c)(3) corporation, and has been continuously operating since 1953 and celebrated its 60th year in 2013. The corps stays financially alive through private donations and had once operated a bingo game from 1973 until 2001.